Stryper Interview (Michael Sweet)
Metallerium interviewed Michael Sweet for his new album "The Final Battle" talking about Stryper and this new album release and more things related to the metal world.

Sercifer 15.11.2022 129
Nordjevel Interview (Doedsadmiral)
Metallerium interviewed Doedsadmiral for his new album "Gnavhòl" talking about Nordjevel and this new album release and more things relate to metal world.

Sercifer 13.10.2022 167
Lacrimas Profundere interview (Oliver Nikolas Schmid)
Metallerium interviewed Oliver Nikolas Schmid for his new album "How to Shroud Yourself with Night" talking about Lacrimas Profundere and this new album release

Sercifer 04.10.2022 182
Hissing Interview (Zach)
Metallerium interviewed Zach for his new album "Hypervirulence Architecture" talking about Hissing and this new album released by Profound Lore Records

Sercifer 01.10.2022 174
Stillborn Interview (Killer)
Metallerium interviewed Killer for his new album "Cultura de la Muerte" talking about Stillborn and this new album released by Godz ov War Productions

Sercifer 22.09.2022 413
Sin Starlett Interview (Reno Meier)
Metallerium interviewed Reno Meier for his new album "Solid Source of Steel" talking about Sin Starlett and this new album released by Metalizer Records.

Sercifer 15.09.2022 220
Infested Blood Interview (Diego Do 'Urden)
Metallerium interviewed Diego Do 'Urden for his new album "IX Devil Kings" talking about Infested Blood and this new album released by Rapture Records.

Sercifer 28.08.2022 231
Lionville interview (Stefano Lionetti)
Metallerium conducted an interview with Stefano Lionetti from Lionvilles, for their new album So Close To Heaven released by the label Frontiers Music

Sercifer 06.08.2022 167
Saphath Interview (Alexey Duraev)
Metallerium conducted an interview with Alexey Duraev from Saphath, for their new album Ascension of the Dark Prophet released by the label Soundage Productions

Sercifer 30.07.2022 250
Αχέροντας Interview (V.P.Adept)
Metallerium conducted an interview with V.P.Adept from Αχέροντας, for their new album Malocchio ​-​ The Seven Tongues of Δαημων released by label Zazen Sounds

Sercifer 28.07.2022 336
Cadaveria interview (Raffaella Rivarolo)
Metallerium conducted an interview with Raffaella Rivarolo from Cadaveria, for their new album Emptiness released by italian label Time to Kill Records

Sercifer 26.07.2022 547
Interview with Pharmacist
Metallerium landed an interview with founder and original member Pharmacist, who talks to us about "Flourishing Extremities on Unspoiled Mental Grounds" and other topics

Sercifer 21.07.2022 414
Pensées Nocturnes interview (Léon Harcore)
Metallerium landed an interview with founder and original member Léon Harcore, who talks to us about "Douce fange" and other topics on Pensées Nocturnes

Sercifer 19.07.2022 236
Entrails Interview (Jimmy Lundqvist)
Metallerium landed an interview with founder and original member Jimmy Lundqvist, who talks us about "An Eternal Time Of Decay" and other topics.

Gocho 09.07.2022 383
Heaving Earth inteview
Metallerium conducted an interview with european band called Heaving Earth, for their new album Darkness of God released by dutch label Lavadome Productions

Sercifer 30.06.2022 377
Lord Belial Interview (Niclas Pepa Green)
Metallerium conducted an interview with Niclas Pepa Green from Lord Belial, for their new albumRaptured released by dutch label Hammerheart Records

Sercifer 21.06.2022 295
Zero Hour interview (Jasun Tipton)
We interviewed veteran american band Zero Hour on the occasion of the release of "Agenda 21" released by the italian label of Frontiers Music.

Sercifer 18.06.2022 373
Jeff Scott Soto interview
Metallerium conducted an interview with Jeff Scott Soto from solo band, for his new album Complicated released by italian label Frontiers Music

Sercifer 16.06.2022 400
Desecresy interview (Tommi Grönqvist)
Metallerium conducted an interview with Tommi Grönqvist from Desecresy, for his new album Unveil in the Abyss released by Xtreem Music

Sercifer 21.05.2022 264
Vulcano interview (Zhema Rodero)
We interviewed veteran brazilian band Vulcano on the occasion of the release of "Stone Orange by Emanzipation Productions.

Zeratulstra 08.05.2022 573
Sum Of R interview (Marco Newman & Reto Mäder)
Sum Of R consolidates with "Lahbryce", released through Consouling Sounds, an album that navigates between various sounds such as Drone or Doom.

Zeratulstra 06.04.2022 630
Saxon interview (Biff Byford)
The long-standing and tireless British band Saxon returned in their best form with the album "Carpe Diem" under the Silver Lining Music label.

Zeratulstra 05.04.2022 672
FM interview (Steve Overland)
FM is a band that does not need a further introduction to Melodic Rock. On the occasion of his thirteenth album "Thirteen with interviewed Steve.

Zeratulstra 01.04.2022 614
Vomit the Soul interview (Stefano Rossi Ciucci)
Metallerium's Sercifer interviewed Stefano Rossi Ciuccu, bassist of Vomit the Soul and Bloodtruth. For the release of Cold under Unique Leader Records

Sercifer 22.03.2022 455
Plebeian Grandstand interview (Simon Chaubard)
Metallerium talked with Simon Chaubard, guitars from this amazing band exclusively about the band, the new album Rien ne suffit and more things.

Sercifer 20.03.2022 936
Hammerfall Interview (Fredrik Larsson)
Metallerium interviewed Fredrik Larsson, bassist of this mythical band that always gives us strong albums with Hammerfall and this Hammer of Dawn

Sercifer 19.03.2022 892
Pyrexia interview (Chris Basile)
New interview with Chris Basile from Pyrexia, talking about the band, the last album and more thing related to the metal world and the upcming gig in Colombia

Sercifer 13.03.2022 688
Insania interview (Mikko Korsbäck)
After 14 years of silence, we have the return of Insania with V (Praeparatus Survivet) (2021), a Power Metal album packed in the band's career music.

Sercifer 10.03.2022 879
Nocturnal Graves interview (Nuclear Exterminator)
Nocturnal Graves delivers us with "An Outlaw's Stand" through Season of Mist, an album that every Black Thrash Metal lover will enjoy.

Sercifer 24.02.2022 709
Hak-ed Damm interview (Winterthrone)
Hak-ed Damm is an aggressive and savage band in every sense within their full-length and this “Destructio Purificalis” isn’t the exception.

Sercifer 22.02.2022 574
Abscession interview (Thomas Clifford)
Abscession Swedish band in 2021 presented one of the best Death Metal proposals called “Rot of Ages” released through Transcending Obscurity Records

Sercifer 19.02.2022 319
Proscriptor McGovern's Apsû interview (Proscriptor McGovern)
Proscriptor McGovern's Apsû is advanced Black Metal where you start listening to it, being an overwhelming album for Black Metal fans.

Sercifer 13.02.2022 1120
Wombbath interview (Håkan Stuvemark)
Wombbath decided to continue with the band in the 2010s presenting 5 new productions of the band where Agma released by Transcending Obscurity Records

Sercifer 10.02.2022 766
Monument of Misanthropy interview (George Wilfinger)
Anger Mismanagement was a hard-hitting piece of Brutal Death Metal by Monument of Misanthropy, after 7 years of silence "Unterweger" was released.

Sercifer 06.02.2022 777
Lvcifyre interview (Menthor)
Lvcifyre and “The Broek Seal” presented wild, brutal, and destructive music for the ears, and this new ritual was released by Dark Descent Records

Sercifer 30.01.2022 905
Antediluvian interview (Haasiophis)
“The Divine Punishment” (2021) edited by Nuclear War Now! Productions. Fulfills all the precepts of originality, monstrosity of Antediluvian.

Sercifer 29.01.2022 1179
Unleashed interview (Johnny Hedlund)
Unleashed is one of the big four of Swedish Death Metal along with Entombed, Grave and Dismember. And this "No Sign of Life" is a 14th studio album.

Sercifer 19.01.2022 936
Be'lakor interview (Steve Merry)
The Australians ppl from Be'lakor present us their fifth studio album called "Coherence" (2021) through Napalm Records.

Sercifer 16.01.2022 758


Críticas más leídas
Stratovarius - Survive - 2022
“Survive” de Stratovarius es un disco que supera a las producciones de estos últimos 10 años en la banda, siguen frescos y creando nuevas alternativas dentro de su música, genial.
Ghost - Impera - 2022
"Impera" de Ghost, es definitivamente otro rollo, las guitarras otra vez cobran protagonismo, situándose en los ochentas y el arena rock, más sólidos
Hammerfall - Hammer of Dawn - 2022
“Hammer of Dawn” es un álbum muy entretenido que se disfruta de principio a fin con toda la esencia de lo que es Hammerfall.
Rammstein - Zeit - 2022
“Zeit” de Rammstein tiene un punto a favor, que la nueva generación de escritores y todos aquellos facilistas de regresar con uno o dos discos.
Jethro Tull - The Zealot Gene - 2022
The Zealot Gene de Jethro Tull no viene a ser el grado de mixtura de instrumentos o partes progresivas, sino la narrativa lirica de Ian en todo álbum
Entrevistas más leídas
Entrevista a Hypocrisy (Peter Tägtgren)
La legendaria banda sueca de Death Metal, Hypocrisy, rompió 8 años de silencio con “Worship” lanzado por Nuclear Blast el pasado 26 de noviembre.
Entrevista a Unanimated (Richard Cabeza)
Unamimated y este Victory in Blood editado por Century Media Records pregonan ese sonido clásico Melodic Death Black Metal de los 90s.
Entrevista a Massacre (Kam Lee)
Massacre es una banda de prestigio ganado dentro de la escena del Death Metal mundial y presentan su nuevo álbum Resurgence a través de Nuclear Blast.
Entrevista a Antediluvian (Haasiophis)
“The Divine Punishment” (2021) editada por Nuclear War Now! Productions. Cumple todos los preceptos de originalidad, monstruosidad de Antediluvian.
Entrevista a Diablo Swing Orchestra (Daniel Håkansson)
Una de las razones importantes es que el gobierno se asegura de que haya suficientes salas de ensayo.
Bitácora más leída
Black Metal en Finlandia: 20 álbumes imprescindibles
Metallerium realiza una lista de 20 álbumes imprescindible de Black Metal de Finlandia que cambiaron el globo a nivel mundial y hasta el día de hoy son grandes joyas.
Black Metal en Noruega: 20 álbumes imprescindibles
Metallerium realiza una lista de 20 álbumes imprescindible de Black Metal de Noruega que cambiaron el globo a nivel mundial y hasta el día de hoy son grandes joyas.
Lo mejor del 2021 (VaneLaut)
Pese a que la pandemia ha cerrado giras, no ha podido obstruir los corazones, por ello Vanelaut presente lo mejor álbumes, portadas y EPs del 2021.
Lo mejor del 2021 (Gocho)
Lo mejor del 2021 en Metallerium según Gocho. Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Progressive Metal, Doom Metal, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, etc.
Lo mejor del 2021 (Sercifer)
Lo mejor del año según Sercifer, colocando su lista de 20 álbumes, EPs y portadas en las páginas de Metallerium. Dura selección de producciones.
Disintegration of Thought Patterns During a Synthetic Mind Traveling Bliss


“Disintegration Of Thought Patterns During A Synthetic Mind Traveling Bliss” (2002) de Dripping es una de las mayores expresiones extremas infravaloradas dentro del Death Metal estadounidense.
Experimental Metal, Brutal Death Metal, Slam Metal
Sercifer 15.05.2022 805

Lykathea Aflame

"Elvenefris" (2000) de Lykathea Aflame es un disco único en la historia del metal extremo, el cual quedo enterrado dentro de los cerebros de pocos.
Progressive Metal, Technical Metal, Brutal Death Metal
Sercifer 15.05.2022 661
A Sceptic's Universe

Spiral Architect

Esperemos que algún día InsideOut Music reedite esta joya perdida en el tiempo que Spiral Architect tuvo en su único álbum "A Sceptic's Universe".
Progressive Metal
Sercifer 15.05.2022 835
Bleed The Fifth

Divine Heresy

El clásico del Industrial Metal proveniente de Estados Unidos: Bleed The Fifth de Divine Heresy con Dino Cazares editado por Roadunner Records.
Industrial Metal
perrocochino666 01.02.2022 1248


El clásico de Sybreed: Antares. Drena mi sangre y ahógame en el Sol, por siempre curado y santificado editado por Listenable Records.
New Metal, Industrial Metal, Atmosferic Metal
perrocochino666 25.01.2022 1215

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