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Interview with Pharmacist

I have to say that after “Medical Renditions of Grinding Decomposition” (2020) I am very anxious to hear a new production, and although “Carnal Pollution” (2021) has been weak in many ways. This “Flourishing Extremities on Unspoiled Mental Grounds” abysmally elevates the band's music and provides that personal character that in 5 minutes of 46 minutes many bands within Goregrind lack. So, Pharmacist achieves a super remarkable album within a musical style that is a bit tight on influences and resources, but it seems that we are facing the birth of a dimension within the style. Waiting for the next long production. For this reason, we interviewed Pharmacist, a founding member of this goregrind band.


Para leer la entrevista en español: Entrevista con Pharmacist


Metallerium: Welcome, Therapeutist and Pharmacist to Metallerium pages. It’s a great pleasure to talk with you about Pharmacist, this new album “Flourishing Extremities on Unspoiled Mental Grounds and more things related to the metal world. To start the interview, how have you been during these crazy times? Two years of the pandemic, a war in Europe, and who knows what will happen next years? A zombie apocalypse, alien invasion, the rise of the machines... 


Pharmacist: Hails and cheers! Thanks for having me! Indeed, these are some crazy times. As a secret sci-fi fan, I'd appreciate the aliens defusing the situation and bringing in some exotics.


Metallerium: According to the data history in your carrier. Pharmacist was born in 2020 when you release your first single “Forensic Pathology Jurisprudence” and then an EP of the same name. Therefore, why are you decide to start Pharmacist at these crazy times? Did Pharmacist form for the pandemic? Or was it a project before the pandemic? 


Pharmacist: I had an idea for the band name in around 2018-2019 already, but I didn't know what kind of music would I like to do under such a banner. I had a logo done, so the only tiny thing left - create and record tons of music. In 2020, with the pandemic started, I got some time window and it was the moment - now! My previous project was coming to stagnation - same pandemic thing, lacking members, etc. So, it was a good time to start something. So, in this meaning, the band name does not have any direct connection with COVID. But an idea to make a studio project, without gigs, partially based on that situation of course.


Metallerium: Pharmacist is relatively new with two years of carrier, two albums like “Medical Renditions of Grinding Decomposition” (2020) and this new one “Flourishing Extremities on Unspoiled Mental Grounds, two EPS, and a lot of splits. Therefore, why are you decide to do split albums more than EPs and albums? And do you think when a band releases too many records within months or years the way to not disappear from the media?


Pharmacist: After the first releases, I had no other plans and tons of split invitations. All the people were great to work with, and I had enough time and some song drafts/ideas already. So, I pushed for more releases with the studio, and since split does not require another 40-50 minutes of material, one studio batch of songs would cover 2-3 releases. That also was fun to do because having the debut full-length, to people who liked it, you could show "and see this also can be like that, or like this". It was like communication to spread more explanation on some ingredients and flavors.


I honestly think that for the sake of media presence - it is very risky. A solid full-length with coming up long tour is the best way. But for me, as I don't do shows, it was just a way to continue what I like - write stuff. 


Metallerium: Talking about one of the styles of the band as goregrind is it in both albums. I heard a lot of influences from Carcass in all ages with Death Metal stuff, Melodic Death, and rock and roll parts. But with this new one “Flourishing Extremities on Unspoiled Mental Grounds you start to mix some progressive elements from the 70s and 80s bands. Therefore, was this path thought of in its evolution? Or was it a natural evolution of the band to have a personal touch compared to a lot of goregrind bands around the world? Who came up with these ideas for the new album?


Pharmacist: Yes, that is true, even though it is only the second time I hear such direct pointing out regarding 70s prog. I tend to think the project genre is more death metal rather than anything, though, for this time I wanted to add something that will bring totally another vibe to it. I wanted to add some different layers, which will be fun to play with and which will sit well in the structure. The length of songs was chosen specifically so it has enough room to move around different corners. And I think some part in such decisions were naturally made with regards to King Crimson, Camel, Rush, and so on. There is no deep strategy plan for that, to be honest, it just felt right, sounded good, and was fun to do.


I wanted to make a long album with many instrumental and solo parts, so expanding those areas, (cheesy alert) - taking to another plato - felt very natural.


Metallerium: A detail that I saw in your social media is you signed with Hells Headbangers Records to release new material. But when this “Flourishing Extremities on Unspoiled Mental Grounds came out you released it through Bizarre Leprous Production. For that, what happened with that news on social networks? And how are things going with Bizarre Leprous Production? How did you get to sign with them?


Pharmacist: Ah yes. It was announced to have a third full-length, and the second one was originally decided to make with BLP and Sevared Records. I think the timing was close with announcing the new album so that that news merged in - "next album" in that term means the third one.


Metallerium: When I see Pharmacist covers there is a fascination with forensics, rancid meat, and gore elements that reminded me of many bands from the past like Regurgitation, Lymphatic Phlegm, Last Days of Humanity, Pathologist, and more. Therefore, do you think that this factor in the covers and lyrics related to gore is necessary for goregrind bands? Or can you talk about other topics within this style?


Pharmacist: For goregrind - yes, I think that is a must. But it's up to the band, they can do whatever they feel like, that is the part of the fun (supposed to be). Even though stating simply, for goregrind - the gore theme is a word in the very genre name, it's good to see someone breaks the rules throwing the shit on the fan.


Metallerium: Pharmacist started with a big foot on your carrier. Cuz many labels, fans, magazines, listeners, webzines, and more talk about the band with good comments. For that, how do you manage this overwhelming reception from the whole media and fans? Perhaps that is the reason why the band continues to produce music with singles, splits, and more.


Pharmacist: Unfortunately, I am not a regular guest on social media. I try to stay up, but once you miss a week, you can't catch up to the whole story already. I try to respond and share, and tag people who are doing reviews when I find one.


After the first full-length, we had many offers for splits and other releases. At that point, the second album was already agreed with labels, so when I had offered to work on something new, in some cases I could introduce current ongoing split conversations and the label would put it out.


Metallerium: And with this kind of reception from the fans and media. The biggest question will be. How will you manage the situation when gig producers ask about a tour or live dates for Pharmacist? Will you do it with two ppl? Or perhaps you are going to invite more people to have a live line-up? Cuz with this kind of reception, I think more ppl wanna see you live than just hear the audio on CD or digital platforms.


Pharmacist: Yes, I had a few really nice offers from very great people to play live abroad. That is an amazing idea, and I would love to play those tunes live. But currently, there is no live line-up, time to gather and prepare members, time to take off to a plane for week two, and also some obvious visa issues for me as well. And with the new album, I think there is no meaning to try playing live without Andrew, heh!


Metallerium: We are very close to the end of this interview. For that, what are the future plans that the band has for the next days, months, and years? Perhaps an Asian tour, European tour, etc. Videoclips are upcoming. ¿Who knows?


Pharmacist: Oh no, even though Videoclip sounds nice. But for 7 minutes song, there is a hell of content to think of... Let the music speak for itself! Meanwhile, as I finish 3 other projects full-lengths which are in the work now, it should be the end of the year and maybe a good time to start writing some Pharma carols. Meanwhile, new album analog versions are in the works (tape and vinyl), new shirts are up and new songs are still just baked, so check pharmacist Bandcamp and go through the catalog if anything picks your eye. 


Metallerium: Well, Therapeutist and Pharmacist. The sad time arrives at this interview. I hope you enjoyed this one like me. Congratulations on this amazing album. Anything you want to add to your Latin American fans and Metallerium readers?


Pharmacist: Thank you again for your questions. It was a pleasure to answer. And appreciated everyone who supported the album, that is always an important and motivating thing! Cheers.





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