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Antropofagus Interview (Francesco Montesanti)

Origin” by Antropogafus is a very good interpretation of how the origins of Brutal Death Metal were, and how they cohere very well when heard with the correct elements of both styles, where that brutal flavor is found throughout the album in deather riffs. It gives you that feeling of strength that is expected in an intense album brimming with a lot of energy. Strong album. For this reason, Metallerium interviewed Francesco Montesanti, the band's guitarist since its inception.


Para leer la entrevista en español: Entrevista a Antropofagus


Metallerium: Welcome to Metallerium Website Francesco. It is a pleasure for us to have the chance for this interview, thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our questions. So, first of all, how have you been? How is the band Antropofagus?


Antropofagus: Thank you for your interest, it is a pleasure to be able to speak with you. We are fine, we are very fit, we have recently come out of the Pandemic, and we can't wait to get back on stage to promote our work just released on October 28th.


Metallerium: Congratulations on the new album! You released a new album “Origin” on October 28th. When did you begin to work on this new album? How are you feeling about this new release?


Antropofagus: We are very excited, it seems that every time a lot of time passes since our last release, but in truth this time there have been two years of pandemic stoppage and we didn't think we needed to throw an album out without being able to promote as it deserves.

Metallerium: What can we expect in terms of sound and lyrics on this new album? What are the strengths of this new album compared to the previous one?


Antropofagus: Our sound has remained unchanged from M.O.R.T.E. but this time we have completed a more complete arrangement work, there are strong references to the technical death that was very present in Architecture of lust, a mix of brutal strength but with moments of atmosphere and groove that has always been missing



Metallerium: Now, this new album “Origin” is coming 5 years after the last one and in general you don’t release albums too often. Is there any particular reason for this?


Antropofagus: Between Architecture and M.O.R.T.E. there were family problems and we promoted the album all over Europe we had many commitments so it was five years, but unintentionally, after this, the pandemic arrived, Origin was supposed to come out already in 2020 but it was really a shame not to be able to promote the work, now we hope to have the opportunity to go out and play often, it's a great job and deserves this.


Metallerium: What about the artwork? How did you choose the covert art for this new album? And why did you call it “Origin”?


Antropofagus: We went back to computer graphics, as in Architecture of lust, Stefano Mattioni with his Viron 2.0 did a great job. Origin because the text of M.O.R.T.E. where the afterlife of this world finds its continuation, hence the origin of a new life in the afterlife


Metallerium: I know for a band; every album is special. For fans, sometimes first albums are always the best. So, what does this “Origin” mean in Antropofagus' career? Do you think this is your best effort until today?


Antropofagus: The guys are always linked to the albums that are part of their life, they remind them of the moments they lived, this will be an album that will appeal to old and new fans, we never distort our sound, the most different album of Antropofagus is the first, but only because he is a child of the 90s, the others are all children of the 2000s and have their own sound


Metallerium: In addition, did it change the way you write and record new songs compared to the times when you released “No Waste of Flesh” (1999)?


Antropofagus: Yes, as just said that is the only album that is the son of the 90s, very influenced by bands like Suffocation and Cannibal corpse, our new works instead have our own imprint and the only band that has remained influential on us are been Morbid Angel, in many parts of our last three works you can often hear the vibration of this immense band


Metallerium: I can see that this is your first album released with Agonia Records. Why did you decide to work with them? Considering that we are living in a time when it is more accessible for artists to work on their own and do everything at home. Why do you think it is important to work with a label?


Antropofagus: Agonia contacted us, great guys, and we were very happy, we decided to work with Label because it would be impossible to finance everything by ourselves, Label gave us a good budget to record and pay for a video clip, and then they print a lot of copies in limited editions. and a lot of merch, it would be impossible on your own.



Metallerium: Matt Sotelo of Decrepit Birth collaborates in "The Slaver Ascension". How did you decide to contact him for this collaboration?


Antropofagus: We have known Matt for a long time, he is a fan of Antropofagus and when we decided to put a solo on that track, his sound seemed perfect, we asked and he was happy, the result is great


Metallerium: What are your plans after releasing “Origin”? Maybe new videos or a tour may be coming?


Antropofagus: Another video for sure, this one perhaps only with playback without history. for the Tours we don't know, we are a band deliberately without an agency, we don't want to pay to play, we have always done everything with our strength, today it is becoming impossible to play without an agency, compared to a few years ago, today the festivals no longer respond to them they only work with agencies, but we will try anyway, we hope.


Metallerium: We had the chance to listen to bands like Devangelic, Hideous Divinity, and Hour of Penance among other Italian bands. All of them are oriented toward Brutal Death Metal. From your perspective, how do you see the Xtreme Metal scene in Italy? Why do you think many bands choose the path of Brutal Death Metal?


Antropofagus: Because it is a fertile ground for us, we probably find it easier to express in this, we have great bands and I would also add Electrocution and Bloodtruth, but we have many excellent realities, I invite you to check out our whole scene.


Metallerium: Now to play such a brutal and technical style requires a lot of skills and there is always a risk of not sounding fresh anymore or repeating yourself too much. How do you deal with it?


Antropofagus: Always trying to overcome my limits, and always insert things that are very detached from the rules of the genre, in the last we have inserted atmospheres like in Hymns of acrimony, we must not be afraid to go outside the rules.


Metallerium: How are you feeling with fans and media reception until now regarding “Origin”? Do you take time to read some reviews? How do you deal with the situation of finding comments that may not be what you expect? For example, from reviewers or haters.


Antropofagus: We are having unexpected feedback, we have a circle of fans who love us and all the new people are leaving positive comments, we are really happy about that. We always respond to everyone; we are very humble people and we always like to be the first to talk to our fans.


Metallerium: Before we finish. Is there anything you want to say to Metallerium readers and your fans from Latin America?


Antropofagus: We all love you, we hear all your feedback, and we would love to come and play with you, but without the Agency it is impossible, we can only hope that this way will change soon, and we will return to try to bring on stage who deserves, not who pays.


Metallerium: Again Francesco, thanks a lot for your time, and congratulations on the new album! We wish you all the best!


Antropofagus: Thanks to you friends! we really hope to be able to give you our music on stage, see you soon!





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