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Sin Starlett Interview (Reno Meier)

Fourth studio album by the Swiss band Sin Starlett, who in this new installment maintain their line of reviving old heavy metal, especially the NWOBHM, in this way "Solid Source Of Steel", is like a trip in the time, in the early years of the eighties, in which many bands emerged with this sound, whose characteristics were that no band resembled each other, but even so their sound was distinguished from the sound that came from this side in America. For this reason, Metallerium interviewed Reno Meier, guitarist of this Swiss band.


Para leer la entrevista en español: Entrevista a Sin Starlett


Metallerium: Welcome to Metallerium pages, it is a pleasure to talk with you. How have you been?


Sin Starlett: Hey man!! Thank you very much for having us…


We are doing very well these days. Our new album "Solid Source Of Steel" has finally been released, and the first gigs have been confirmed. It seems the shitty pandemic is coming to an end and it's finally time again to celebrate Heavy Metal in its broad glory. Sitting home in your dirty underpants and watching bad tv shows all day is nice for a certain period, but real Metal Music is meant to be played live, as it comes alive in the neon light, not on your bloody computer screen.


Metallerium: This is our first interview with the band. Do you mind telling us a little bit about the band’s history?


Sin Starlett: the band was founded in 2005, and after 4 full-length albums, several single releases, and a few line-up changes we can proudly say that we are still alive and kicking!


Our initial goal was to play rough & raw Heavy Metal in the vein of the N.W.O.B.H.M and the early 1980s metal scene when the music was still fresh and played without commercial calculation or clear guidelines.


Now, in 2022, the intention is still the same, but of course, we have refined our formula and assimilated more influences compared to our early days. Sin Starlett will always stand for Heavy Guitar music that carries on the legacy of the old heroes, but with a lot of raw, fresh energy.


Metallerium: You released your fourth Studio album on February 22nd. How was your experience of composing and recording an album in these complicated times due to the pandemic? Did this situation change something about the way you usually create an album?


Sin Starlett: the creative process of the newest album was very similar to the previous ones. We were not really limited by the pandemic situation. The restrictions in Switzerland were pretty bearable, so we were able to meet every week in our rehearsal room to work on new songs. The recording process also took place in our rehearsal cave, supervised by the Italian stallion Davide "16bit" Mistretta, who made sure that the acoustic conditions fulfilled the standards of the international Hard 'n' Heavy norm.


Metallerium: It has been 6 years since "Digital Overload". Why did it take so long to have a new album?


Sin Starlett: We always have a 4 – 5 years gap between our albums, but this time we had to deal also with a lineup change (our guitarist Jan "Janizer" Horat left the band) and Covid-related delays in the pressing plant. The album recordings were finished at the beginning of 2021, but it took almost one year to find a suitable label and produce the physical album.


Metallerium: Are there differences in terms of sound and lyrics between this album and the previous one?


Sin Starlett: yes, the new album definitely shows a new side of our composing skills, it builds a bridge between our older, more melodic material and our last album “Digital Album”, which was more Riff oriented and more “stripped-down”. Compared with our earlier works, “Solid Source Of Steel” is more versatile, packed with numerous twin- guitars and catchy melody- lines! The compositions are more excessive, almost exuberant, celebrating Heavy Metal in its full greatness.


Metallerium: After releasing the album. What are your plans as a band? Are there chances for going on a tour? How is the situation in your country for the music industry?


Sin Starlett: a tour in the traditional way is almost impossible for us, as this is hardly compatible with our familiar and professional situation. But we hope to play a lot of individual gigs and present our new album on stage whenever possible. Some festival gigs around Europe would also be nice! I cannot really comment on the music industry, as we don't see ourselves as a part of this corrupt club of bootlickers, but the metal scene itself is recovering very fast & organizers are booking shows again!


Metallerium: Now, we are in 2022, Heavy Metal evolved into many different subgenres. Why did you decide to play Heavy Metal? What does Heavy Metal mean to you?


Sin Starlett: Too many subgenres, if you ask me…


Who needs all these categories?? The best metal was forged at the beginning of the 1980s when musicians were still open to different sounds and the bands just wanted to rock hard! Without any intentions, without the fear to be rejected by a narrow-minded scene. Maybe this is just a glorified perspective from a modern listener, who knows? But if you listen to those NWOBHM albums, you can hear a wild mix of sounds and stylistic elements, that makes the compositions interesting and timeless.


This was our intention: to create timeless, Heavy music that will never ever bend for commercial success or any third-party expectations.


Metallerium: Also, it is incredible that NWOBHM's influence can be found in young bands nowadays. Why do you think we still have many young bands with this sound? How do you see the Metal Scene these days? Do you listen to new bands?


Sin Starlett: The fascination lies within the rawness of these old bands. Everything is so damn perfect and flawless these days, people are craving raw imperfection! Many young musicians are attracted by the basic, pure sound of the older bands and try to recreate this magic.


There were a few "newer" bands that grabbed my attention in the last years…one was for sure Vanderbuyst, which was one of the best new groups, but sadly they split up. I would also mention Swedish Metallers RAM, who really shine out among the euro-retro bands. Canada also has some ass-kicking newcomers, for example, Freeways and travellers.


And not to forget Ruler from Italy, brutally underrated, this band should have played every fucking traditional Metal Festival in Europe! So yes, the scene is definitely alive and vital!!


Metallerium: You are a Swiss band. We know some great bands from your country but in general, your Metal scene is unknown to us. How is the Metal scene in your country? Does being a Swiss band make it more difficult to take your music out of your country?


Sin Starlett: There are the big swiss names everyone knows…Krokus, Celtic Frost, and so on. The current scene consists of 90% Death/Thrash- bands, which is ok, but not really our cup of tea. On the other hand, the scene is very familiar and everyone knows each other and helps each other out, regardless of any genre limits.

I think our swiss origin is definitely another hurdle to being accepted by the international scene. Maybe it is not exotic enough, or people do not associate Switzerland with Heavy Metal.


Metallerium: Before we finish. Have you had the chance to listen to bands from this part of the world?


Sin Starlett: If you ask me about Mexican bands, I'm a bit lost…but of course, we love south American Heavy Metal and Hardrock. Riff! V8!! Rata Blanca!!! Our singer is half Argentinian and he is crazy about this stuff! He has all of this vinyl, so from time to time, we like to blast some south American steel on the highest volume, while we eat red meat and let ourselves go.


Also, in 2010 we released a 7'' split single with our Argentinian friends from Feanor (Hail Gustavo!!). We heard that the Latin American fans are absolutely wild & crazy, so hopefully one day we have the opportunity to play there.


Metallerium: Congratulations on the new album! We wish you all the best! And thanks a lot for your time. Is there anything you want to say to your fans in Latin America?


Sin Starlett: Thanks for your support & we love you all!! If you like rough & classy Heard 'n' Heavy music, check out our new album! You won't regret it! Stay heavy and don't forget…there is always "Mucho por hacer, queda, queda mucho por hacer".





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