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Αχέροντας Interview (V.P.Adept)

There are bands in this metal scene that I met many years after their debut, especially in the extreme, but I think they came to me at a good time, at which point I was able to fully enjoy them, Acherontas or now Αχεροντας is one of the black bands metal that I always enjoy, just their previous material “Psychic Death - The Shattering of Perceptions” (2020) is great work. Αχεροντας presents his ninth full-length material entitled “Malocchio - The Seven Tongues of Δαημων”. Therefore, Metallerium interviewed V.P.Adept of this Greek band.


Para leer la entrevista en español: Entrevista a Αχεροντας


Metallerium: Welcome, V.P.Adept to Metallerium pages. It’s a great pleasure to talk with you about Αχέροντας, this new album “Malocchio ​-​ The Seven Tongues of Δαημων and more things related to the metal world. To start the interview, how have you been during these crazy times? Two years of the pandemic, a war in Europe, and who knows what will happen next years? A zombie apocalypse, alien invasion, the rise of the machines... ¿Who knows? 😊   


Αχέροντας: It is definitely our honor to be hosted in your pages, presenting our new Opus and we are grateful for the proposal. Truly a totally crazed period, where the human intellect and consciousness went rabid and sick, with not just the pandemic being a problem. As if the pandemic revealed a severely putrid face of the society that the earlier decades refused to bring clarity on the surface.


Metallerium: I have read that you use the term coven to define the entity of Αχεροντας, about this alliance that I have read, does it go beyond the simple musical affinity? Can the current state of this coven be expressed in words? What's its purpose?


Αχέροντας: The characterization of “Coven” is much beyond the typical term to define a band of people playing music and producing albums. Frankly speaking, Acherontas never have been a typical band by all means, since there are numerous layers below in spiritual and transcendental levels that connect the members together and bind us with the musical outcome, almost impossible to express by words.


Metallerium: What do you think of the Hellenic cult of the '90s? Without a doubt, you have taken it to another level. Do you consider that you have already taken enough steps to consider yourselves creators of a style?


Αχέροντας: The Era of the 90s was a tremendous burst of the Hellenic Black Metal scene, having a furious impact worldwide. Lots of iconic albums have been produced back in those days, albums that defined the genre many times over and reshaped the corners of the musical way, aesthetically redefining views and perspectives. We grew up with those albums, some of us even grew up in this period too, not only by age but by the ethics of the 90s Black metal, something that is totally unknown in the modernized internet form of nowadays BM.


Metallerium: What is your position on the new bands that are coming out? Whose foundations are as weak as cotton candy, who barely use terminologies they don't know, or who just want to make music as complicated as possible to demonstrate their musical talents. What are your memories of the old days? Do you consider them that way? Or do you think that this new moment we live in is the best?


Αχέροντας: We really can’t be perceived as welcoming the latest and newest Black Metal trends or views, since, as you correctly noted, the vast majority of the new bands are copying out older motives, chewing on terms and concepts they don’t understand, wearing fake masks and pseudonyms to impress for a few YouTube views of Facebook clicks. We usually stand away from these circuses, with very few exceptions of really good instances of bands that really have something different and powerful to bring on, that really grasp the flame of the genre.


Metallerium: What about his ideology? Today I feel that your lyrics have much more knowledge expanding your cult, but at the same time, I feel that there is a stronger demand to be able to understand the message. How do you feel about the public you are reaching? Do you think there is a suitable audience for this art? Or leave it to free interpretation?


Αχέροντας: With every new release we bring forth a deeper and more mature aspect of our perspectives and views on the Other, being even more in touch with the Inner Flame that guides us. as a result, the outcome becomes more powerful yet more illegible for the simple listener, although those truly devoted will always have the inclination to search deeper for the meaning. This is the criteria for our audience, without a doubt.


Metallerium: I read your position on drugs in an interview. What do you think of people who consider drugs a valid vehicle to express or understand themselves?


Αχέροντας: Everyone is free to express themselves or search for themselves in any way deemed appropriate, although this is not going to be the correct course of action too. Also, the simple human mind is always searching for a way to cover its weaknesses, rather than a way to surpass them.


Metallerium: Every time I listen to their new album, I feel immersed in a dark spirituality, which I feel is much more solid on this album, with quite well-kept, ritualistic lyrics, and the execution is literally a ceremony, where does this dark energy come from? Do you have a normal life with a job? How do you combine a life of dark spirituality with one of the social needs like work and money?


ΑχέρονταςThe life of a Magician is not only defined in his chambers but amidst everyday life matters too. We forge our spiritual weapons during our spiritual work and experience, but we sharpen them in the everyday challenges and express them fully through our Art and channelings. If someone is unable to step on both levels, it denoted that there is still a lot of work that needs to be done.


Metallerium: Is it a coincidence to use Maximilian Pirner's art for your album cover? Knowing the meaning of Hekate within the Hellenic culture, what is the idea behind this coincidence? Considering that HECATE is also one of the best songs on this album?


Αχέροντας: This Opus is a milestone for Acherontas in many ways and from many perspectives. Choosing Hecate of Pirner to act as an emblem for this Work was an Act of sealing the process of a musical manifestation that crystallizes all of our beliefs on Black Metal and spirituality after all those years. It was an old idea that matured and kept in the shadows until now when “Mallochio” became reality and was unleashed upon this World.


Metallerium: How is the Shibalba project going? Is this a personal project or is it another expression of the Coven? How can you separate both projects since the source from which everything is born is only one? Hasn't it generated confusion at some point?


Αχέροντας: Shibalba is also raging forth, carving new paths on the course, with a new album being prepared and ready for release, as well as numerous other projects and releases on the way. Both Acherontas and Shibalba are different facets of the same knife, embers of the same flame, expressing the inner shadow and fire of the spiritual paths that we follow.


Metallerium: When can we include ourselves within the live expression that is Acherontas? Maybe we have to wait for a new change of skin? How much life does this snake still have?


Αχέροντας: For now, the fire keeps burning strong, as after the pandemic live shows are beginning to set a new series of powerful manifestations for the Coven across the world. We will keep forcing as long as we are true to our cause and loyal to our Path.


Metallerium: What are your plans after releasing the album? Latin Tour, European tour, North American tour, more videos upcoming ¿Who Knows?


Αχέροντας: The tentacles of Mallochio will be spread across the World in numerous ways, with live shows in multiple soils, active presentations of any kind, and of course more powerful channeling in the future.


Metallerium: Well, V.P.Adept. The sad time arrives at this interview. I hope you enjoyed this one like me. Congratulations on this amazing album. Anything you want to add to your Latin American fans and Metallerium readers?


Αχέροντας: We are truly honored by this invitation to present our Opus and we are looking forward to visiting your blessed lands once more!





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